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We offer authors self-publishing at very cheap costs. We will edit and publish your work for you. Your book will be available in digital and paperback formats. Your work will be available on Amazon.com, Google Play, and the iTunes Store.

It costs $999.00 to publish with us. It costs an additional $75 per hour for any editing and proofreading that may be necessary. We do not take any share of your royalties after your book is sold.

Aurifera S.A. has published over 1,4000 books that have sold thousands of copies since launching them in 2011.


Aurifera is the feminine form of the adjective auriferum, which means gold-bearing, producing/yielding gold, and bearing golden fruit in Latin. Aurifera S.A. is a publishing company that produces high quality literature. All of our literature is carefully selected to represent beauty and truth. Producing a base product of literature demeans humanity, since what people read influences their course of actions and decisions. After our literature is read, the world will become golden and peaceful — devoid of strife and war. Democracy and peace are beautiful things that we need to exist in the world.

Elevation of humanity is through many things. Aristotle, possibly the greatest of all the philosophers, deponed that living in the mean is the best possible achievement. He also said that what people do naturally is the best representation of one self. To naturally do good, is his ideal. To do it unnaturally is less good. We take Aristotles’ philosophy into account and produce beautiful literature that produces gold by man, which can be represented in the form of culture that enriches and nourishes humanity. We intend to produce the highest level of art in the world by painting glowing pictures of reality by being complete and thorough. Just like French Impressionist artists painted what they thought they saw in a faint and sublime fashion, so our literature tries to represent reality after perceiving reality in all of its possible aspects since human perception can only grasp a limited amount of reality. It is only after deep inflection of memory that a working perception of truth can emerge. Active reality is too complex to be completely perceived in the present tense. It is only after reflection into memory that the past can be begun to be recognized. Our literature aims to show everything in reality but without aiming to demean the state of the reader. Since demeaning the reader means he or she will influence reality, the persons she is in contact with, and thus, thereby, society, and the greater world.

When the world sparkles, the sun shines brightly, and people smile during the day, Aurifera is active. When the world weeps, the moon glows, and people cry, Aurifera is active. Aurifera is the sadness and sweetness of life’s emotions. Its composure is relative at all moments. It is never inactive. Its specific balance determines the present and future. It is beauty and it is sadness. When a gentle wind blows along the stream in a plush forest, birds sing, snails squirm, leaves wrestle, and people interact peacefully with each other and nature, Aurifera is in its most beautiful form. Its opposite shows the sadness of life that lets us realize its most beautiful forms. Action, interaction, and reaction of opposites let Aurifera exist.

The aquarium we live in contains a fragile homeostasis. Each thing in and out the it is influenced by each thing in and out of it. Together it acts as one, constantly balancing and rebalancing in continuum and ad infinitum. From alpha to omega and omega to alpha, the order of the two is constantly changing, for reality is relative to one’s relative place and perception in it and at the time of perception.

Read our literature and let Aurifera S.A. influence you so that you become beautiful art that begets more beautiful art.

Reciprocity is the key to building a society. Being alone is being at loss. If you read our literature, we politely ask you to spread our literature so Aurifera paints the world beautifully. We await for you to read our work so our work can begin. Aurifera S.A. awaits. We write for eternity. Join us. Aurifera S.A. awaits.